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Montecalvo Asphalt Maintenance was designed to provide customers with a cost-effective alternative to complete
re-paving, saving customers thousands.

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  1. Cost effective.
  2. Completely waterproof repair.
  3. We work year round, even when asphalt plants close.
  4. Environmentally responsible.

Infrared Restoration

The major disadvantage of conventional repairs is cold joints. Even when a thorough job is done, you are still placing heated material against a cold surface. Whenever you have two materials of varying temperatures placed together, a cold joint is formed; this is a point of weakness. Even with proper compaction, if there is nothing for the two surfaces to bond to, they will eventually separate. This creates a point of entry for water to penetrate to the base material below, leading to failure.

Infrared pavement restoration is a true asphalt recycling method; by which specialized equipment is used to heat the existing asphalt in place, without burning or destroying the serviceability of the pavement.

Once heated to the proper temperature during the infrared process, the paving mixture becomes fluid again, and can be raked level and smooth. New hot mix asphalt can then be added as needed to bring the area up to the correct grade.

A rejuvenating agent is then sprayed onto the repair area before compaction to replace any of the light oils that have been lost due to the sun and oxidation. As the area cools, it fuses back together creating a one piece, seamless patch.

The benefits are many including:

  • A seamless repair that will not permit water to penetrate down to the base material.
  • Can be performed in any weather or temperature.
  • Can be performed 24 /7, 12 months per year, independent of asphalt plant schedules.
  • Repairs can be made during your business’ slow time resulting in no loss of income.
  • Environmentally responsible.
  • Can be reopened to traffic usually in less than 1 hour, with minimal traffic disruption.

Recommended uses: Potholes, Drains, Manhole covers, Utility cuts, Cracked areas, Birdbaths, Trenches, Tire marks, Roller marks, Reshaping areas for water flow, Speed bump installations.